Agricultural Environmental Science


Concepts of Agriscience

Plant Science

Ag. Mechanization


Yancie Ross

Emily West


Concepts of Agriscience: 

The foundation course for the Agricultural and Environmental Science and Technology program. The course focuses on providing an opportunity for students to explore the different fields of the agricultural sciences and develop foundation skills and knowledge needed for advancement in other courses and programs.  Concepts is offered to students in 9th grade.

Science of Agriculture Mechanization and Science of Agricultural Plants Level I:

Includes physical science applications as well as principles of plant science. This course allows students the opportunity to explore the Agricultural Programs in order to choose their field of advanced study.

Science of Agriculture Mechanization II: 

Includes physical science principles and applications related to agriculture such as work and power, electricity and electronics. This course is offered to 10th—12th grade students .  Prerequisite:  Level I

Science of Agricultural Plants II: 

Includes classification, propagation, growth culture, harvesting, and marketing of various crops.  It     includes instruction in the basic principles of plant science and the use of technology. This course is  offered to 10th—12th  grade students.  Prerequisite:  Level I