South Perry Elementary School

1300 Beaumont-Brooklyn Rd.

Beaumont, MS 39423

601-784-3393  Fax: 601-784-9374

Where Excellence Is Expected



Veterans Day Program Posted 11/11/2020

Progress Reports 11/18-19/2020

Thanksgiving Break 11/23-27/2020

Lunch Schedule

10:45-11:15 Third Grade (class)

10:55-11:05 Fifth Grade (class)

11:05-11:15 Fourth Grade (class)

11:15-11:45 PreK/Kindergarten (cafeteria)

11:45-12:15 First Grade (cafeteria)

12:15-12:45 Second Grade (cafeteria)

A take home sack breakfast/lunch will be available for students at the end of the day for their "off schedule day"


Grab and go lunches are available for students who are doing distance learning daily from 10:30-10:40

First Day of School

Math/Reading Achievements

Important Letter to Parents

Thank you for supporting our schools! Parent and community support is vital to the success of any school. There’s an opportunity for you to provide feedback to the Mississippi Department of Education on the design of a new school report card that will give you valuable information. The annual report card is a way for parents and communities to know how well their schools are performing and preparing students for the future. What indicators are most important to you? Tell us by taking this survey: