FAQs regarding the schools reopening and the Covid-19 response.

1.   Are students going to return to school? If so, what will be the date?


Yes. Students are going to return to school on August 17, 2020.


2.   Will buses run for transporting students? If yes, what if any, new stipulations will be in place?

Yes. Buses will run for transporting students on a regular schedule and regular routes. Students will have their temperature checked before being allowed to board the bus. If the student has a temperature of 100.3 or above they will not be allowed on the bus. Parents must be prepared for this!!! If your child is sick keep them at home. Because students will be sitting close to each other on the bus they must wear masks or an appropriate face covering while on the bus. Masks may be provided for students who need them.

3.   Will my child be required to wear a mask in while in class?


Yes. When your child is involved in small group instruction we will require them to wear a clear face shields that has been sanitized. We will provide the face shields. Masks may be made available for students and staff members to wear one. Due to constant recommendation changes being made by the federal, state, and local agencies, we strongly recommend that you provide and be prepared for your student to wear a mask or an appropriate face covering at all times.

4.   Will breakfast and lunch be provided to my student?


Yes. When students arrive on campus each day they will report to their first class. Breakfast will be brought to the room. The lunch period will be longer. This will allow classes to go to the lunchroom on staggered rotations for sit down meals and still practice social distancing.

5.   Can I send snacks/items to my child’s class?


Parents may send individual snacks for their student. Please do not send classroom snacks/items.


6.   Will my child get to go outside for recess/breaks?


Yes. Students may go outside for recess and breaks on staggered schedules. They will also be receiving regular enrichment classes such as PE, computer, art, library, music, etc.


7.   Will I be allowed to visit my child’s class?


No. Parents/visitors will not be allowed to visit classrooms. We will still have parent/teacher conferences as needed to meet the needs of the child, but protocols will be followed.  Visitors to school buildings will be extremely limited.


8.   Will there be field trips?


No. Students will not be going on field trips. Teachers will be engaging students through virtual field trips. If things go well we may be able to plan some trips for April or May.


9.   Will attendance be mandatory?


Yes. Your student will follow the attendance policy of the school district.

10.   Will there be distance learning options for my child if I have a documented reason for them to not attend school.

Yes. Distance learning options will be provided for students who cannot attend school due to documented health concerns. Those students who start this option will have until the end of the 1st nine weeks to switch back. After the 1st nine weeks they will be locked into distance learning for the rest of the year. If parents think they qualify for this option they need to contact their school. The principal will work with parents to make decisions concerning distance learning for their students.

11.   What if my child requires distance learning options and I don’t have internet or a device?

Students who need access to technology will be issued a device. Internet access is the responsibility of the parent/guardian (please refer to distance learning protocols).

12.   How will social distancing be practiced at school?

Teachers will be adjusting their classrooms to allow for students to spread out as much as possible. Schools will encourage social distancing among students. Parents are encouraged to discuss social distancing with their children.

13.   What kinds of measures will be taken to ensure that buildings are sanitized?

Our staff will be ensuring that all classrooms, bathrooms, cafeteria and all high traffic areas are routinely cleaned and sanitized. Extra supplies are being purchased and each classroom will be stocked with necessary equipment. We also recommend students bring personal hand sanitizer if desired. We will have numerous hand sanitizing stations throughout the campus and in the classroom. We encourage students to bring water bottles and drink from the water fountains. We will have touchless water bottle stations in the schools where students can refill their water bottles. Please do not drink from the water fountains.

14.   What kinds of safety measures are being put in place to help ensure the health of my student?

*All students and staff will have their temperature checked when they get on the bus or arrive on campus. They will not be allowed on campus with a temperature of 100.3.

* During the school day there will be other temperature checks.

If a student has a fever of 100.3 or higher, they will be isolated until a parent picks them up. Employees who have this temperature will return home. They cannot return to school without a note from a health care provider that states they have tested for COVID-19. If they test negative they can return to school/work. If they test positive they follow the protocol answer under question number 15.

*Hand sanitizer may be available in every classroom and use may be required when students enter and exit classrooms.


We strongly encourage parents to conduct daily temperature checks on their student. Do not send students to school if they have a temperature. Keep them home until they have been symptom free for 48 hours, without fever reducing medication. We encourage you to do this because if the school has to send a student home because of a temperature the student cannot return to school without taking a COVID-19 test. If they test positive they follow the protocol answer under question number 15.


15.   What happens if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?

They cannot return to school until they have been fever-free for at least 72hours (without fever reducing medicine) and it has been 10 days since the onset of symptoms or date test positive for COVID-19.

16.   Will athletic and other extracurricular activities resume as normal?

We will follow MHSAA guidelines and recommendations as it pertains to athletic events. Activities will resume as normal as possible as allowed by federal, state, and/or local mandates. 


Added Q&A 7/17/20

17. What if I homeschool my child and bring them back to school next year or later in the year?

If your child is in the 8th grade or below and you bring them back to school they will have to take a placement test to see where they are academically. They will be placed in the grade based off their placement test. If you homeschool your child make sure the instruction is on grade level.  If your child is in 9th grade or above make sure you are taking a homeschool program approved by the State. This will ensure that when your child returns to school they will not lose credits.  

18. What if my child misses a lot of days because of illness?

We realize that children may miss a lot of days if they become ill or family members become ill. We will work with each child to make sure they can make up their lessons. If by the end of the regular school year your child has not been able to make up their lessons, we are planning for at least three weeks of extended school at the end of the year for those students who may need extra time to make up lessons.

Added Q&A 7/22/20

19. What is the difference between distance learning and homeschool?


Distance Learning

  • Student will register at appropriate school.

  • Student will be assigned a homeroom teacher who will provide lessons, assignments, etc. during the distance learning. 

  • Student will follow all district policies regarding school.

  • Student will be required to report to the school for monitoring and testing when designated by teacher.


  • Student must withdraw from school.

  • Student will NOT receive any instruction from the school.

  • Parent must contact school district attendance officer Renee Tingle @ 601-964-3218 or email ntingle@mde.k12.ms.us to register for homeschool.

  • If a K-8 student re-enrolls at any public school after homeschooling, they will be required to take a placement test to determine their grade level. A high school student must follow state requirements to make sure they receive credit for the classes they take.

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