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Perry Central High School

Graduate Spotlight

Dr Albanie T. Bolton, Class of 2004


Dr. Albanie T. Bolton was born May 11, 1986 to the parents of Mrs. Jeannie Bolton and Mr. Calvin Bolton of Beaumont, MS. Dr. Bolton attended Beaumont Elementary School and Perry Central High School and ranked #4 in her class. During her tenure at Perry Central, she was a part of the CISCO routing course and ExplorNet. It was at this moment her passion for computers thrived and fed into her future for Computer Science.

After graduation, with the help of her wonderful mother sacrificing time to transport her to auditions, she received a full band scholarship to Alcorn State University. In 2008, she received her Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Alcorn State University. Upon graduating, she knew her next walk would be a job or continuing her education. Dr. Bolton applied to Auburn University and was accepted on a full time graduate assistant scholarship. In 2009, she received her Master’s and in 2014 her PhD in Computer Science with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction from Auburn University. Dr. Bolton’s research at Auburn focused on Human Computer Interaction and improving interactions between people (users) and computers for improving the usability of products/applications for various populations. She received her PhD at the ripe age of 28. Throughout her full time PhD career at Auburn, she worked full time at NASA. She would travel 2 times per week (3 hour each way) to take courses and worked her full time (40 hour) job. Her dedication and hard work soon paid off.

Dr. Bolton works on the Software Systems Engineering Branch team as a Software Test and Verification engineer at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) in Huntsville, AL for the past 9.5 years. She is currently Software Insight Lead for Core Stage Engine Controller Team. The Software System Engineering Branch manages the software requirements development, software processes and planning, and software formal verification activities. She currently works under the project Space Launch System (SLS). SLS is a Space Shuttle derived heavy expendable launch vehicle that will take astronauts farther into space and provide for future manned space exploration efforts. Dr. Bolton has worked in various aspects of agile development, software, hardware, requirements and testing. She spent two years a part of the System Engineering Leadership Development Program and graduated in October 2015. Dr. Bolton was awarded in 2014, one of the highest honors, the MSFC Director’s Commendation Honor Award for her exceptional leadership in the development of Class A tools. In 2017, Dr. Bolton was recently selected as an honoree to be featured in the Women’s History Month display entitled “Marshall’s Modern Figures, a celebration of Women Making a Difference Today.” In addition, she was featured in Google Expeditions as a NASA Modern Figure to teach students about her day-to-day activities at MSFC.

In her free time, she devotes time to her second love, education. She teaches part-time at Alabama A&M University various computer science courses ranging from Statistics, Neural Networks, and Database Systems just to name a few. Dr. Bolton also teaches online courses at National University in San Diego, CA. In addition, she has her own tutoring service, called A.T.B Tutoring Services, which focuses on Computer Science courses at the high school and early college level. Dr. Bolton is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and other various organizations. She enjoys taking out time to give back by participating in various community service opportunities.

Throughout her walk of life, Dr. Bolton always filters back to her roots when giving introductions. People are always impressed with her knowledge of computers and how Perry County Schools laid a solid foundation with their learning structure. Dr. Bolton knows that the wonderful instruction received from Beaumont Elementary and Perry Central High School helped mold her into the aspiring adult she has become today.

She is beyond elated to be given an opportunity to be showcased in the PCHS Graduate Spotlight. She would like to extend heartfelt thanks for recognizing her accomplishments and efforts in STEM related areas. With the continued help of God and her family as her support team, it is her continued passion to continue spreading knowledge in the STEM areas and advocating for students that may not be as fortunate. Her personal note is, “Let’s keep capturing and fostering students’ minds for a brighter tomorrow and shining future”.

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