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District-wide Pre-registration 2018-2019 School Year


July 24-25, 2018


*** Please call front office for specific registration times. ***


A copy of two of the following items will serve as verification of residence.  No post office addresses will be accepted.  These items must reflect a 911 street address or designated road address.  All documents must be for present residence only; documents for residence rented to a 3rd party or other commercial property will not be acceptable.

     1.  Filed Homestead Exemption Application Form

     2.  Mortgage documents or property deed

     3.  Apartment or home lease

     4.  Utility bills

     5.  Valid Driver’s License (Requires additional documentation of


     6.  Vehicle registration

Important Letter to Parents

Thank you for supporting our schools! Parent and community support is vital to the success of any school. There’s an opportunity for you to provide feedback to the Mississippi Department of Education on the design of a new school report card that will give you valuable information. The annual report card is a way for parents and communities to know how well their schools are performing and preparing students for the future. What indicators are most important to you? Tell us by taking this survey: